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    This camera is NEW and sealed in its packaging. I bought two to use as dashboard cameras but it's only marginal as a dash cam. It's excellent for its intended purpose though, as an action camera that records two points of view simultaneously. Google it for some action videos. This camera would be great for recording your kids- the action they're seeing and the reaction on their face.

    Comes with: Three mounting options; sticky pad for flat surfaces, helmet, handlebar, and a standard camera screw mount. Also included is a micro-USB cord that is the same as the one on most of the phones now- so you can charge the camera from your phone charger and vice-versa.
    Comes without: The SD micro card.

    These sell on Amazon for $90, plus shipping, plus sales tax. I'll take the hit and sell you the NEW one for $40 plus the ride if necessary. The one in my hand in the picture is NOT for sale- I'm keeping one.

    Product description:
    • Two built-in lens that shoot videos in two preset angles!
    • User selectable screen splits: horizontal (VGA for each channel) or vertical (1280x720P for each channel)
    • Automatic exposure and white balance
    • Micro SD card slot support up to 32GB class 6 SD card
    • Optional external 60m waterproof housing

    With the ATC Chameleon action camera two becomes one; you don't have to buy two cameras to capture your actions in more angles. This action video camera has two built-in lenses which allow you to shoot two videos simultaneously and in sync. It has user selectable screen splits: horizontal or vertical with FOV 110° degree with resolution of 1280 x720p at 30fps per lens and a total of 1080p. There is a 180 degree adjustable shooting angle for each lens. The ATC Chameleon has a built in microphone. This camera uses your micro SD card with a slot that supports up to 32GB class 6 SD card. There is a built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery that has 2 hours of continuous operation. Designed for fun and convenience, it's the next best companion for your adventure! JCAM03.jpg JCAM01.jpg
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