Oregon SB1551 - More gun-control group favoritism? Or just Making it all up?

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    The Oregon Hearing for SB1551; I think everyone here is well aware of the week long heads up the opposition got to organize, take time off from work, etc. While the general public (and those on our side not paying attention) basically got just over 24 hours to respond. Tie that in with the "surprise" visit by the super-PAC figure head, Mark Kelly. Add a new poll by the partisan group Public Policy Polling (as if you don't know why) showing up conventionally just a couple of weeks before the hearing, and it definitely smells like the barn-yard animals got into the kitchen again.

    Oregon Firearms Federation had an update on their facebook that included a link to a site I hadn't seen before (responsibleownerhship.org). It was illustrating the sites analogy of cars vs firearm-ownership. On the home page <broken link removed> the (gun-control) organization attempts to show the effectiveness of background checks by listing individual reasons for denials.

    It doesn't add up to the estimates 2013 figure of 2592 denials. Not even half. LaughingAtliberals is way ahead of everyone on the breakdown with this excellent youtube video explaining everything.

    This raises a couple of questions. Especially when one considers that the Oregon State Police representative at the hearing stated that they either didn't have the data, or couldn't release it due to current law. Important information considering the topic of SB1551.

    1) Is Responsible_Ownership.org/Ceasefire/OregonAllianceTo Prevent Gun Violence/etc just making up (consistent) numbers? If true, 58% "other" denials would certainly damage their argument that there is a "loophole".
    2) Are the numbers true and someone at OSP gave them the numbers? A violation of law, which Senator Floyd Prozanski encouraged OFF's Kevin Starrett to report.
    3) Or did someone other than the OSP, someone in tight with the judiciary process (maybe a motivated senator practicing criminal justice and knowing who to ask?) get the data and, realizing it's against the law to publicly disclose, leaked it to the gun-control lobbyists. Ok, this last one I'll admit may be a stretch. But not an unbelievable one considering what else has taken place around this bill.

    Any set of truthful answers to the above questions looks bad for the gun control advocates; 1) they cannot be trusted and will mislead 2) OSP broke the law when handling personal (background check) information 3) ethics violation and collusion with a lobbying organization?

    In any case, this sounds like something that might be useful for those Oregon Senators fighting for us (Kruse and Close), sway someone possible on the fence (Roblan) and bad news for the rest.

    Of course, this information is only really useful if something is done with it. So don't just read this post and nod your head in agreement. Let your senators know (at lest Sen. Kruse and Close. [URL="http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_8_36/550444_Oregon_Action_tomorrow_feb6th___SB1551_Update___capitol_opens_at_7am.html[/URL]).
    Are you on another forum, or news-site comment section? See a post about background checks? share the information! :D

    But I don't know if I would bother with the last two; it might be fun to possibly see them get caught off-guard.
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