A Washington resident with a C&R FFL license wants to purchase a C&R handgun from an Oregon Resident. I know the C&R FFL license no longer is useful for transfers in Oregon.
If the transfer takes place in Washington, does it still have to go through a class 01 or 07 FFL?
Can the transfer take place anywhere in Washington if the class 01 or 07 FFL is not required?
Anywhere in Washington as long, as you mention in your post, the transaction does not otherwise require a 01/07 transfer.

Keep a photocopy of the buyer's C&R FFL to document the transfer was done properly.

You can go to the ATF's website and verify the FFL is valid. I always do this with non-storefront dealers. I'd ask the buyer to email you a scan of the license before meeting so you can donl this simple step.

Then have the buyer bring a photocopy and the original to your meeting can compare the documents. You then leave with the photocopy.

No serious C&R will balk at these requests.
C&R licenses cannot be verified online the way that dealer’s licenses can. You can however telephone the ATF’s National Licensing Center and ask them to verify the status of the C&R license.

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