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    I don't think its news to any of us that we need to up our game in order to best defend our Second Amendment rights. The other side has a lot of advantages which include a compliant media and is very effective at leveraging emotion over reason. Right now THEY control the message and not us.

    I took the following from Wikipedia

    "...A 2010 Gallup poll that surveyed the political ideology of residents in every state found that people in Oregon identified as:[14]

    40.3% moderate
    33.4% conservative (the 10th least conservative state)
    26.3% liberal (the 4th most liberal state)

    Another study on the state's resident's political ideology noted that the state's conservatives were the most conservative of any state (more so than Utah or Tennessee) and that the state's liberals were more liberal than any state (more so than Vermont or D.C.).[15]

    Political parties
    Main article: List of political parties in Oregon

    As of August 1, 2012, there were 2,095,721 registered voters in Oregon and their political party affiliations were:[16]

    39.5% Democratic Party
    31.0% Republican Party
    22.4% "Non-affiliated" with any party
    4.4% Independent Party
    0.7% Libertarian Party
    0.5% Pacific Green Party
    1.5% with other political parties..."

    In Oregon conservatives outnumber liberals by about 25%.
    Moderates outnumber conservatives by 20% and liberals by 50%.
    26.3% of Oregonians are liberal, but 39.5% of Oregonians are Democrats, so not all Democrats are liberal.
    33.4% of Oregonians are conservative, but 31% of Oregonians are Republican, so not all Republicans are conservative.
    The 60% of Oregonians who are not moderates are highly polarized in their beliefs.

    In Oregon, how Moderates perceive your message will determine public opinion. To be successful we need to win 2/3 of Moderates to our side.
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    If pen fed, they will never get the message. It is like shouting "Fire" in a wood stove store. They just look at you like you were the only one who didn't get the memo! Those who are not already independent won't get it either. Self defense isn't something they worry about. Protecting their family is something the police do. They believe that the cell phone will protect them because they are the flock. They will never recognize the wolf until he is at the door!

    So, you can't win an election in this environment on the 2A message. You have to have a bag of candy to give out and a plan to pay for it other than taxing them. More jobs = more money in taxes. Get a candidate that will bring businesses to Oregon and create laws that benefit and empower business and you will have a winner, in my opinion. They have to be able to sell the economy as being the problem and that everyone benefits from a robust economy,

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