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Oregon Open Carry?

Discussion in 'Defensive Carry & Self Defense' started by Stand Up, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Stand Up

    Stand Up Oregon New Member

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    What is the law regarding carrying or transporting your pistol in public without a cc permit?
  2. William Jones

    William Jones Longview Wa Member

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    The way I understand it. In plain sight if driving (on seat I would say). Open carry anywhere unless local municipal law says otherwise.
  3. etrain16

    etrain16 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    In Multnomah county, if you don't have a CHL, that gun has to be unloaded if you're transporting it. No loaded guns in public places without a CHL.

    Here are some other localities that prohibit a loaded gun in any public place: http://www.oregonfirearms.org/chl-central/local-gun-codes

    Be sure to check the laws where you happen to live as they can vary across the state. In Oregon, it is highly recommended that you get your CHL, otherwise things are much more difficult.
  4. tazdv1

    tazdv1 Portland Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    The inside of your vehicle is considered a public place in Portland. One of the reasons I got my CHL. In Portland you may not have a loaded gun anywhere in your car and you may not even have loaded magazines separate from the handgun. It must still, however, be either visible or “not readily accessible.”
  5. RicInOR

    RicInOR Washington County Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    @Stand Up - Where? And do you mean Open Carry? Or are you just trying to get from home to a range? Counties and Cities can govern your actions, beyond the state laws.

    If You try Open Carry in Beaverton, bring a film crew when you do.


    OFF (Which I recommend)


    ORS 166 covers firearms:

  6. David Bowman

    David Bowman Beaverton OR Archer Defense Concepts

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    Plan on transporting your pistol while driving down the 205 on a Saturday Night in reverse with a hooker duct taped to the hood of your car?

    If the answer is yes, you might want to consider having a conversation with a lawyer, a sane friend or your minister...

    but if the answer is "no, that is preposterous," then you are probably all right to transport your gun just about any way you please, seeing as you probably signal your lane changes, don't drive far enough over the limit to draw any heat and stop for school buses and little old ladies in cross walks.

    Last gun I took to Rich's Gun Shop to get some work done was transported on the front seat in the open for any trucker or jacked up 4x4 to look down into my car to see.

    I wouldn't worry much about it. Transport your gun to wherever you are taking it and don't give it another thought.
  7. Doc In UPlace

    Doc In UPlace Tacoma-ish Well-Known Member

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    You have to have a concealed license to carry unconcealed. What kind of mamby-pamby wacko-thought bass-ackward Oregon have they made?

    I grew up in Klamath Falls in the '50's and 60's, and this sort of goofy disarmament stuff would have gotten a guy driven out to the city limits back then.
  8. tazdv1

    tazdv1 Portland Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I would not recommend duct taping hookers to the hood of your car. It's bad for the finish.;) The problem with transporting any way you please and driving careful is the thousands of not careful drivers. An accident that is not your fault could land you in a lot of trouble if the police show up.
  9. jim97701

    jim97701 Bend Well-Known Member

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    A situation where law abiding gun owners need to have a CHL just to keep from running a foul of some assanine law while exercising a constitutional right is nothing short of backdoor registration. It doesn't give them a list of registered weapon's but it gives them an exact location of where weapons are owned and who owns them! (At least the law abiding ones).:mad: