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Oregon Long-Range Rifle League - PRIZES!

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by mib2000, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. mib2000

    mib2000 CONUS New Member

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    Summer 2010 Long-Range Rifle League
    at Tri-County Gun Club, Sherwood, Ore.

    The Tri-County Gun Club 600 Yard Prone/Bench program will offer fun with a competitive edge this summer with its first Long-Range Rifle
    League. And it's not just about camaraderie, trigger time and bragging rights: There'll be prizes, too.

    The League is in addition to the usual 600 Yard Prone/Bench program, which offers NRA F-Class-"style" target shooting in a casual atmosphere
    and keep-your-own-score format. The main event is held at 9 a.m. on the third Saturday of the month. Also, during summer Daylight Savings Time, a practice session takes place at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays.

    Running from June through mid-August, the League will tally the points from your five highest-scoring targets during the period. While you
    can shoot as many targets as you like, you have to tally at least five.

    The field will be comprised of two classes: Limited and Open. The rules, which cover specifics, can be obtained from the match director; contact information is below.

    Shooting dates
    June 8, 15, 22, 29
    July 6, 13, 17, 20, 27
    Aug. 3, 10, 17, 21

    League fee: $15. This is in addition to the yearly $30 annual fee for Tri-County's 600 Yard Prone/Bench program. Please bring cash.

    The contest will end with a celebratory picnic at the club and the award of plaques and cash (amount to be determined) to the top-scoring shooters. Prizes donated by top Northwest vendors will be raffled off at the picnic, so even new shooters have a shot at the swag. The loot include a 6.5-20x Leupold riflescope, knives from Benchmade and Gerber, Nosler bullets, certificates for gunsmith services, and more.

    If you have never tried the 600 Yard Prone/Bench program, come on out! You'll surely get hooked on the challenge of long-range riflery, and maybe score a sweet trophy or a prize as well. All are welcome: tactical shooters, varminters, benchresters, High Power competitors.

    For further information, rules and to get on the e-mail list, please contact Pete Bezerchyj, discipline chairman: PeteBezw@Comcast.net

    Tri-County Gun Club information, directions: www.tcgc.org

    * * *

    Sponsor prizes

    Leupold & Stevens: 6.5-20x Mark IV riflescope with TMR reticle; also,
    Leupold logo hats

    Benchrmark Barrels: half-off the price of a barrel
    360-652-2594, benchmarkbarrels@yahoo.com

    Benchmade: knives

    Asylum Arms, Lebanon, Oregon: Certificate for gunsmithing services

    Gerber Legendary Blades: knives

    Softcock custom nylon gear: 1 shooting mat

    Nosler: bullets

    U.S. Tactical Supply Inc.: logbook package

    Tactical Tailor: nylon gear
  2. itgoesboom

    itgoesboom Hillsboro Member

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    I'm guessing this is only for TCGC members, or can anyone come out?
  3. mib2000

    mib2000 CONUS New Member

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    The 600 Yard Prone/Bench program and League are open to all safe shooters whether or not they are a member of Tri-County Gun Club.

    Note on the fees mentioned in the League announcement: Bring cash, please.

    Also just added two more sponsors with prizes: U.S. Tactical Supply and Tactical Tailor.

    Hope to see you on the firing line!
  4. speelyei

    speelyei Willamette Valley Active Member

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    a couple questions for clarification:
    for non-members, the total fee would be $45, correct?

    all of the dates listed for June are Tuesdays, is that a typo?

    I live a few hours away, and would like to compete, but I could only make it on the Saturdays, and maybe one Tuesday practice session. That should give me plenty of opportunity to accumulate the 5 targets, right?
  5. mib2000

    mib2000 CONUS New Member

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    Yes: $15 for the League, $30 annual fee for the TCGC 600 Yard Prone/Bench program.

    Tuesdays, correct. Reason being there is a sanctioned Benchrest match at this month's shoot, in the morning on Saturday, June 19. There may be time for 600 Yard Prone/Bench shooting after it wraps up, as well as for new participant orientation.

    Saturdays and a Tuesday should indeed give you plenty of opportunities to accumulate five targets for League scoring! Likely more than five.

    Thanks for your interest! Hope you can join us.
  6. mib2000

    mib2000 CONUS New Member

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    Folks, if you have more questions, want specifics, need further information, want to see the rules and to get on the e-mail list, please contact Pete Bezerchyj, discipline chairman: PeteBezw@Comcast.net