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Oregon Oregon Lawmakers Hold Out Hope For Gun Control Legislation


So they won’t attack us again until the long session in 2021?

Our side needs to get busy getting some of these gun grabbers unseated and breaking this supermajority. Otherwise, we’ll become the new Kalifornia... Only worse...
They are a organized well funded hate group . Anti-Gunner supremacy .has gone unchecked and is running ramped in the PNW.
The dems are always on their game emailing their narrative to their voting members. Its a constant message. Give $$. X senator needs your support. They don't sleep or wait for an election.

While on the other hand I don't see anyone being lined up for any seat against the democrat super majority in Salem. Rinse and repeat. Then we holler against the uber left when they come up with their weird proposals.

Yes, I thank and credit those republicans that had the courage to fight for Oregonian's rights but the better plan is getting ahead of the problem.
Finally the republican party lays it on the line and walks out. They need to step up to the plate more often.

As for the democlap lawmakers in Oregon, their promise of comittment means nothing. Look how often they thwart the will of the Oregon voters. The ballot box is our only chance and way to often the voters in Oregon do not take that opportunity. We have term limits but it simply is not exercised.


Words are hate crimes and violence...:rolleyes:
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.....is how I grew up.
University/college profs have ginned all this up. They make up social theories however they want and push it out to the younguns, which is where most of this is coming from. They made "safe spaces" and screaming rooms. If the wrong political banner appears on campus, the entire campus goes beserk. Conservatives get punched and attacked. We now have racism defined in such a way that only white folk can be racist, we have concepts of social justice to suit, we have the concept of income inequality, and facism has been defined by Antifa and their violence deemed justified. It's a Mad World!!

If words are hate crimes and violence, all MSM members should be in prison...
Sorry for the thread drift, this one is 100% on me. I agree with you @bbbass, but can I get your assistance getting this back on topic?

Again 100% on me here...sorry about that.


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