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Hi NW Firearms Community,

I'm not new to the forum but just wanted to let everyone know a little about me.

I'm an advocate of the 2A community as well as an advocate for hunting rules and regulations. I love firearms as well as archery. My favorite firearms manufacturers are Noveske, Sig Sauer, Benelli and HK. My favorite archery manufacturers are Mathews and Spot Hogg Archery Products (local Oregon company in Harrisburg).

My preferred FFL is Adaptive Firing Solutions in Oregon City. If you haven't met Steve Riehl're missing out!

I'm originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. I went to college in Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks!) and now call Oregon City home.

Thank you to all that have purchased firearms and accessories/parts from me over the past two years that I have been on the forum!
Well, welcome. We have a few things in common and a few things we dont.

Adaptive Firing Solutions is the best. Period
2A agree
your gun choices perfect
I go to Hawaii on business about 6 times a year, been doin that for 20 years. Know it well
Just moved from Oregon City

Disagree: cant stand the Ducks, biggest piles poo in ANY sport of any gender of age of anything. ( its actually the school I hate, not the players or coaches). Then losing to Utah made my football season.
While OC itself is nice, I raised my kids and lived there for 20 years I have never ever been happier moving out of Western Oregon.

But hey welcome!



Aloha, Mark
Welcome Aboard. Glad you found the forum.

This is the best place to hang out on the internet.

Check out the organized clean ups. It's the best way to meet the community and learn where and how to use public lands responsibly.

We are doing non ODFW supported cleanups at public forests - check the North Fork Wolf Creek Road thread in resources.

If you really want to get involved in community action check out Trash No Land.

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