this could also be a point of interest concerning Safety Issues for the Public. Could use as concern if 114 were to pass putting the public at even more risk!

Its gonna get scary out there.. Setting criminals free so more can be rotated thru the revolving door of our legal and mental system!

But make sure we house the homeless first, and Not Keeping mentally ill criminals off the damn streets!!!
I just dont Understand who or why they thought this was a great idea?

I think a lot of people realize the law can't protect them right now. They have to protect themselves.

So one possible argument is let's say for example a mom or victim of race crime can't even buy a single shot shotgun to protect themselves in their home because of the unfunded clusterfudge from this bill. And if that was done in an interview format with a mother who actually had a crazy break in (or similar), if poeple saw that video then they might have an emotional reaction and at least think twice about this bill.

Similarly one could make a video for each of the biggest problems with this bill and have "round the clock" circulation of video describing the problems and how it will affect real poeple. By around the clock I mean just circulating on its own (virally ideally) via social media.

Has to be a simple message in simple short video with big emotional impact, broad appeal, with real people imo. That's how I would do it anyway. Pointing out one or more big problem(s) that everyone can say "that's just wrong" over and over reaching tons of people is probably most effective I would think. If you can convince someone how bad it is in one elevator ride (I mean verbally - you only have time to explain the one or two huge problems that will get them to say "this is wrong") then you've got it. Lots of ways to skin a cat of course just one option.

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