Wasn't sure where to post this, or if it even deserved its own thread but it seems to stand on its own. I post this here as i wanted to give it the Oregon "green" tag.
Data below is from FBI's NICS reporting, those numbers directly below are checks submitted, and include BGCs for explosives as well as firearms.

Oregon monthly submittals to NIC
October 2022 -34,863
November 2022 - 91,661
December 76,437
Oregon 2022 total is 495,842, not significantly more than 2021 at 454,133, and yet less than 2020 that was 516,096. I know those don't coincide with OSPs FICS but perhaps OSP is reporting checks processed?

Oregon must be a relative firerarm "desert" at least say compared to Kentucky that had 4,016,510 BGCs in 2022. To put that relative to the populations of each state (Kentucky is just a wee bit more populated) it works out to: Oregon 1 check per 8.55 folks, whereas Kentucky comes in at 1 check per 1.12 persons. (2022 data).

Other items of interest in the NICS report shows the ability to process huge volumes of requests and the speedy turnaround of that volume: The following is not Oregon specific data but is national NICS data.

"The U.S. Attorney General requested the NICS Section strive to maintain a 90 percent rate of immediate determinations. Historically, the NICS Section has maintained an average IDR of 90.14 percent since January 1, 2003. In 2020, the IDR was 85.30 percent, and 2021 showed an increase to 87.98 percent." "Immediiate determinations are the "Instant approvals".

"In 2021, March 17th was the single highest volume day to date when NICS processed 236,295 NICS background checks."
Source of above quotes is the 2020/21 NICS report. I did note that the report distinguishes between checks submitted, and checks "processed". The above quote seems to indicate the actual processing of over 200,000 in one day, perhaps due to the "instant" process. Too bad Oregon can't remotely approach that.

An idea of total yearly volume of NICS
"In 2020, there were 39,695,315 NICS background checks submitted, the highest year in the history of NICS. " (this excludes 2022)

Also the report does address the "firearm retrieval" issue or rather the granting of a firearm (3 day) to an individual that then subsequently fails the test.
"In some instances, the necessary background information is obtained, and a final status is rendered after three business days have elapsed. If the final determination results in a denial, the NICS Section will contact the FFL and ask whether the firearm was transferred. If the NICS Section is advised that the firearm was transferred, ATF is notified that a prohibited person is in possession of a firearm. These instances are referred to as firearm retrieval referrals. There were 6,361 firearm retrieval referrals provided to ATF in 2020 and 5,203 in 2021." (quote from 2020/21 NICS report).

So that is a number of 6.4 thousand relative to the total of 39.7 million checks (2020). Pretty low.
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That’s some interesting information, and here I thought Oregon’s spike in sales would put us further up the list. Not by a long shot.
Ran across a September 2022 update from NICS that shows the IDR (Immediate determination rate ie "Instant check"
And more recently, through the first three months of 2022, the IDR was back to 90.63 percent.
What the original post sadly displays is the horrible ineffiicency of Oregon's system compared to the FFL direct to NCIS system that Oregon choose not to use and instead roll their own". National NICS indicates processing of 236,000 in one day in 2021, while OSP FICS seems to struggle at around 100 a day at times.

Also the above "adjust for population" comment above I'm not sure what was intended? I only compared numbers with one other State and that was Kentucky and if you look it is adjusted for population in terms of BGC per person. (Note Kentucky at a glance seem to have the highest ratio of BGCs to population, which was why i selected it...many states are lower than Oregon, many higher). If anyone wants me to run the numbers BGCs per population of given state let me know,

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