I have been searching for a while now i havent come up with anything. What are the laws in Oregon pertaining to barell lengths and magazine capacity or any other regulations when buying a AR15? Thanks for your help in advance.
There are no Oregon regs. Federal law is all that applies.

That means no magazine limit, you can have 100rd c-mags or infinite ammo belt fed if you want. The shortest barrel you can have without paying a tax is 16" (or 14.5" with a flash hider pinned to make it the legal 16"). If you want a shorter barrel it is an NFA item and that means filling out paperwork, paying the government $200, and waiting 3 months to get approved. If you have a registered SBR you can have a 1" barrel if you want. Federal crap, nothing to do with Oregon specifically though. Same thing if you want a sound suppressor or full auto, and the same thing but only $5 to transfer for AOW.

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