OR: Washington Country - Oregon Military Museum Fun Raiser July 18th

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    For those of you looking for something to do, support a local museum of interest, AND save some money, I just received this notice in my email for a July 18th event. Even if you don't have a Perks account, I'm sure it will still interest many here.
    Guns and Guacamole: A Fundraiser for the Oregon Military Museum on Saturday, July 18th
    This is your chance to take part in a tax deductible charter shoot in support of the Oregon Military Museum. At this unique event you will have the chance to shoot the 37mm main gun of a M3A1 Stuart Tank (blank fire only), WWII class III fully automatic machine guns, highly customized assault rifles ie, AR-15s, and an array of over 30 iconic and vintage weapon types seldom seen on the collector market.

    Your ticket includes lunch and a full mag (30 rounds) for the shooter's choice with a AR-15, AK-47, or SIG 5.56. Additional weapons available at additional cost.

    Shoot an array of iconic and rare vintage weapon types seldom seen on the collector market!

    Over 30 Weapons to shoot, including:

    M3 Grease Gun,
    M1928 A1Thompson,
    Belt-fed Browning .30,
    customized AR-15’s,
    vintage wheel -lock,
    vintage flint lock,
    class 3 M14,
    Model 1873 Trapdoor Springfield

    M3A1 Stuart Light Tank

    *Lunch included, Additional ammo fees apply.
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    Great cause, great mueseum!

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