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WTB OR or Trade - M1, Henry AR, .357 Revolver, Derringer, etc.

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by mikemenzie, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. mikemenzie

    mikemenzie Dallas Active Member

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    Hey all.
    I'm casually looking for some interesting things that i just haven't had the experience of messing with before, or maybe a couple things for my mother. I've got some money, but generally looking for (somewhat) inexpensive - couple hundred dollar range or so, depending what it is. Not trying to be a cheapskate. I just don't mind not having high dollar things when i'm just checking out things, haha.
    I also have various things to trade, into hundreds of dollars worth for a person that has the interest.
    Some things for trade:
    Lapidary materials (rough, slabs, cabochons, hand crafted jewelry, and display and specimen pieces): various obsidians, fluorites, calcite, quartz, agates and jaspers, petrified and opalized woods, oregon fire opal, selenite, etc.

    Musical instruments: Takamine G-Series acoustic/electric w/hard case, appalachian mt. dulcimer, ukrainian bass domra, russian balalaikas, fiddle (violin - whatever you want to call it, haha), oud, etc.

    Firearms: 1940 K Kale 8mm Mauser partial numbers matching w/bayonet and 500+ rounds in bandoliers all in stripper clips. I put 20 rounds through it a few weeks back. Comfortable shooter.
    1920s or 30s US Revolver Co (subsidiary of Iver Johnson) solid frame .32 revolver.

    I also have a dodge ram truck bed trailer i just picked up - before realizing i grossly overestimated the abilities of my little car, haha!

    Random things: Pelton & Crane autoclave sterilizer, tracing light boxes, painted and decorated punk rock style leather biker jackets i haven't got much use for, etc.

    And if ya'll got through all that and are interested at all, haha, i'm looking for a few things for my mother, possible:
    M1, or similar that fires .30 or similar caliber for her to hunt with that might be easier for her to handle and fire than her Sako .30-06.
    .357 revolver (not a teensie snubnose with a teensie grip, heh. She likes the ones where you can tell what you're holding, and we've been thinking it'd be a good caliber for her, specially when she can run .38s through it if and when she wants to.)

    And for me - i'm just looking to experience things i haven't experienced much. Interesting things.
    Derringers, henry survival rifle, anything lever action, revolving barrel job, something in .454 casull that can fire .454, .45, .410, etc.

    Also interested in things that might be considered beyond repair, that i can study.

    Thanks, all!
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  2. rltrim46ford

    rltrim46ford lebanon Well-Known Member

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    I have a Bond Arms stainless Derringer in 45 Colt/410 3 1/2" bbl and a 357/38 spl 3" barrel with DeSantis holster if you have an interest for $450. I would have an interest in the violin depending on what it is. Not wanting a student model for sure but something for advanced playing not that I fit that category. Also I would have an interest in the sterilizer just in case I get in close proximity to some of the commie politicians or the people that vote for them.:s0115:
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  3. mikemenzie

    mikemenzie Dallas Active Member

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    Hahaha, i dig it. Sending PM.