WTS WA OR too, hBN Hexagonal Boron Nitride

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    I am thinking of ordering a pound of hBN 0.5 micron for bullet coating but don't need that much myself. The cheapest I found on fleabay was $20 an ounce shipped. I am looking to do a group buy at $10 an ounce. I just need 15 other people to fill out the order. A little of this goes a long ways. It also works as an awesome dry lubricant for anything you may use graphite for without out the black mess. It is also known as White Graphite. If it comes down to just 3 people + me wanting in it will run $40 for a quarter pound. If you know someone who already did this and wants to sell an ounce for $10 let me know and I would go that route.

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