WTT WA OR too ... Glenfield/Marlin Model 60 .22lr

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    Okay, got this old rifle... I dont shoot a while lot of 22 anymore and this is the lowest of the low in my rimfire collection.

    It shoots great and internally its a beauty. However, it's ugly as sin. It's worn and there's a scratch on the receiver.
    Its a perfect candidate for a duracoat job. Hell a little krylon would be an improvement!

    Also one of the triggerguard screws it gone.

    Everything is nice and tight, just looks rough.

    Make an offer. I just don't need it and already have some nice 22s so its not worth refinishing for me.

    Pics coming...

    Will trade for:
    556 ammo
    9x18 ammo
    45lc ammo
    Black powder & related items (really need ffffg)

    Maybe some crappy old BP rifle? No Inlines, rust buckets or synthetic stocks
    BP pistol? Revolver?

    Kabar, Ontario, Camillus, cold steel....
    M7 or M9 bayo

    35-40# bow (comp or recurve)

    Nice double rifle case

    Small gun safe

    Etc etc etc

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