WTS/WTT WA OR TOO... Classic Tent Trailer!

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    Im selling my trailer, now that I have a truck that can tow a larger trailer, I dont need this little guy anymore...

    I got it to pull behind a 2.8l v6 and it worked great for that... a 4cyl could pull this thing.

    Im unsure of the year, I believe it is from the 1960's though.

    No rust, there are a few superficial rust stains in the paint, you can see in the pics. Or, maybe Ill have fixed it by then?

    Id planned on painting it and fixing it up a little more, which Ill still do... but its got to go.

    This opens up into two full size beds, has a table and benches in the middle... also has a lockable screen door. Also some hooks in the ceiling to hang lanterns from.

    There are no appliances or anything at all in here, this is how it was made. So really, nothing to go wrong. There is a connection for some 110v outlets inside, hook an ext. cord to it and you can have power inside.

    The lights arent working, something in the wiring... however, as you can see from the pics there are no walls or anything to get in the way of fixing this, if you were so inclined. I used a set of magnetic lights on it and its been fine, I will include these.

    Ive replaced a lot of the screws around the top, its pretty sturdy. The only other flaw is a 12" section where a seam came apart. Its only the threading that came out, the canvas itself is fine, just needs to be restitched, Im including the appropriate needle and thread to fix it.

    Im asking $800

    Trades considered (partial or full)

    Canoe, synthetic of some kind.... may go for an aluminum one for the right deal

    Guns in .22/12ga/9mm/.30-30/.303/223-556/7.62x39 OR Black Powder items too.

    Look at the pics, come see it for yourself and make an offer!
    WP_20150606_18_39_41_Pro.jpg WP_20150606_18_39_47_Pro.jpg WP_20150606_18_40_00_Pro (1).jpg WP_20150606_18_40_00_Pro.jpg WP_20150607_19_32_30_Pro.jpg WP_20150701_16_01_15_Pro.jpg WP_20150701_16_01_28_Pro.jpg WP_20150718_20_46_10_Pro.jpg WP_20150718_20_46_31_Pro.jpg
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