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    Now that the legislative 'cram and jam' session is over a lot of the legislatures will be holding town halls and 'coffees' to tell their voters what a wonderful job they did.:s0140:

    And many voters who don't otherwise follow what happens may just believe it all. That is, unless, people show up to ask those questions that the legislatures don't want to hear. After all, next year is a big election session for many, especially in the house.

    Therefore... do you know when your local (even if it's in the district next door) town hall is coming up? Here's the first one that I've seen. Please share your own, or let others know:
    March 14th, 7pm
    State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward
    Rep. Mitch Greenlick
    Rep. Ken Helm

    St. Vincent Medical Center
    9205 SW Barnes Rd.
    Southern Auditorium

    The last thing they want is to encounter are questions that might make them look bad in front of the people who vote to keep them in office.

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