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    I'm clearing out some space to make way for my new system.
    So these oldies have to go.
    All have been tested, and worked great.
    Some have some minor label damage or a little fading, but are in overall good condition.

    Would trade for other N64, PS2, or original Xbox games like- Nightmare Creatures, Crimson Skies, Deus Ex, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Timesplitters 2, Starfox, and most TMNT titles.

    I'm also looking for-
    *Dillon 550b toolheads or conversion kits
    *Lee Classic Handloader Kits


    Titles are-
    *Bio Freaks $5
    *Shadowman $8
    *Perfect Dark $12
    *Goldeneye SOLD
    *Super Mario 64 SOLD
    *Battletanx SPF
    *Battletanx Global Assault SPF
    *NFL Blitz SPF
    *Dark Rift $5
    *Dark Rift (faded label) $5
    *Mario Party SOLD
    *NBA in The Zone 98 $8
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