WTS WA OR, ID Converted and processed 300blk brass

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    250 + 30 or 40 misc stamped pieces from personly bought and fired factory rounds

    Cleaned, tumbled, deprimed, sized, decrimped and primer pockets cleaned, trimmed to 1.358 +/- to 0.002, deburred, tumbled, then cleaned again.
    They have been sitting for a lil while but no condition issues.
    Mix of stamps from Lake City, REM Wolf, WIN, PMC, and federal.

    Brass- 35

    Also have:
    110gr .308 Nosler Varmageddon (100pcs) $20
    125gr .308 Nosler Ballistic Tip (80pcs) ($30)
    110gr .308 Hornady Soft Point (70pcs) ($15)
    147gr .308 M62 tracers (orange tips) (100 bullets left) ($30)

    Price as marked or
    108 shipped for it all

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