OR Gov. John Kitzhaber at state of union address.

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by Hawaiian, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber was invited and sat in Michelle Obama's box to watch the State of the Union address.
    This is scary. Obama has been taking his gun control agenda on the road to states where he thinks he can win support for his anti 2nd Ammendment agenda. Our Gov got to sit with Michelle and all of the gun violence victims in her box.
    Obama knows that the AWB and Mag ban can not make it through the US House. He is thinking ahead in that if he can win over more and more states to buy into his bans, he will have a better chance on the Federal level later.
    I am more concerned about Oregon than I am about any Federal ban.
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    He knows it'll never get through the House, but they're trying an "end run" around the NRA and other pro-gun entities and trying to get each state to outlaw what they want. Guess they figure they can bankrupt the state pro-gun entities by fighting in each state as they usually aren't as organized/powerful as the NRA is at the federal level..

    I got a notice from the NRA about it a while back.
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    kit's a progressive liberal, right down bam bams ally who knows what job he's got in mind for kitty. bam bam will play him for all he's worth, then throw him away like a dirty rag.

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