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Options for hard-sided storage container in rear of SUV


I keep my get-home bag (GHB) (and gloves, shoes...) in a large duffel bag the back of the SUV. It works, but I'd prefer to keep the items in a hard-sized container. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I've looked at the reviews on Amazon for containers from Plano and Rubbermaid, and it seems many use weak plastic these days. Example links are below.

My needs:
  • Size probably 25-30 gallons of storage space
  • Prefer black or a dark color so not easily visible (ie., no yellow lid)
  • Hard-sided top/lid too in case I need to put something temporarily on top of the container.

Plano 1919

Rubbermaid 1172
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I have both, and they work as designed.

I think a cooler works very well, also. They are very stout and there are many size and style options. If being dark colored is important, paint it.
These are my default storage container:

$8 at Costco. They do have the yellow lid (sometimes I see them with an orange lid). I have not seen them with a black lid. These are durable, but I have cracked lids by standing on them. The blue Sterilite type containers are weak and deformable.

For the stuff I put in the back of my small crossover SUV to keep stuff from getting mashed are the clear type, but there are many others. I just read that Pelican now has an 'Air' version of their cases - to pounds lighter, made with a lighter plastic, but almost as strong as their regular cases and more expensive. You might be able to get one of the Pelican clone cases in the size you want - those would be very durable.

Be careful though with anything like this - whatever is lose in a vehicle can go flying in a car wreck and injure someone (I speak from experience). Some people have been killed. So fasten it down if possible.


In the back of my Jeep Cherokee, I have a locking steel storage box that was fabbed up by another Jeep owner who was into making them years ago. It bolts to the inside of the Jeep through the metal body substructure. I asked a welding shop if they could make one for the other side and they said it would be doable. Probably $150ish and you'd need to take care of painting, but it's a fairly secure option even if someone smashes in your window. Way tougher than even one of those steel job boxes and gives me a bit of piece of mind if I have to store something in it while I'm out and about.


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I found a pelican storage trunk on Craigslist for $100 a while back. I didn’t know what I’d use it for at that time but knew a $500-$600 case for $100 wasn’t something to pass up. I don’t leave it in the truck bed all the time but seem to use it several times per month. It’s extremely sturdy and don’t think I’ll wear it out in my lifetime.


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