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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by WhyteCheddar, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Was gifted with a new Ruger American in .308 for Christmas.
    Looking for some wisdom on the best factory load for this 22" barrel and 1/10 RH twist. Primarily going to be a deer rifle but I'd like optimum range with good punch out there. (scope wise looking at Leupold 3x9x50)
    I'm not into reloading yet, that's why I'm only interested in factory stuff.
    If I can get some good ideas I might be able to save a little $$$ on the trial and error.
    Hopefully I can learn from your experiences.
    Thanks in advance
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    Before i started to reload i found Winchester 150gr Ballistic Silvertips to shoot the best in my M77 Ruger (22in 1in10). But before i found them i went through about 8 boxes of different brands, weights and styles. At one point i was thinking about getting rid of the rifle but now it will cut .5 or less all day on handloads. Best of luck,
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    Before jumping on anyone's pet "This Works Great In My Rifle" load, take some time and read this article:


    It's a tried and true method for determining what load {bullet/powder/primer} combination will shoot best in your rifle. Rather than going out and experimenting with what often ends up being a hundred or more (sometimes a lot more than that even) "test loads", just use the instructions and you'll have the "sweet spot" located in no time at all.

    The key is to shoot at longer distances so you'll see some separation in bullet holes. Also important to "spot" each shot as accurately as possible. Take your time. If you want, use some colored sharpies and color the bullets. Then use a white plastic core board as a target backer (political yard signs work great if they'e single sided). The backer board holds the color well.

    The information in this article is well worth the read. In fact, read it more than once so you totally understand it.

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