OpticsPlanet anyone?

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Not sure if this should be here or in off topic, what is your opinion of OpticsPlanet?
I'd prefer personal opinion and not internet hearsay.
If you've dealt with them would you do it again?

They have an OpticsPlanet/Holosun exclusive 510C in FDE that I'd like to get for my Scorpion Evo S1
While I'm in no rush to get an optic and I do like the FDE they have what I've read is that they can and do play the shell game of say its in stock and take weeks or months to actually produce what you paid for.

Just wondering if the group had any feedback.



I've bought lots of stuff from Optics Planet over a lot of years. Cameras, scopes, holsters... I've never had a single negative experience.

This, in spite of the negative press they get on some gun forums. Makes me think folks continue to repeat what they heard.:confused:

Yes, I'd continue to buy anything I needed from them, without a single worry.
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They've been hit/miss for me when I've ordered. Their website has said "in-stock" when I placed an order a few times. I bought and paid, then get notification of OOS and they want to substitute. My last recent order from them went through eBay.

I suggest you call to check stock, place your order at that time if they have what you need.
I've ordered from them in the past with no problems. I always do an internet price search before ordering from Optics and in some cases have found items cheaper. I would have no qualms about ordering from them again.


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I've had great service from OP.
Call them directly.
Once in a while you'll get an even better deal than what's advertised.


As long as you are certain what it is you are ordering, OP is hard to beat. Many warranties only apply when purchased from an "authorized reseller" or something like that, OP seems to stay out of the gray market stuff where prices are too good to be true.

I give them 5 stars from years of experience.
I use them all the time, but I suggest these things:

1: Shop comparatively. They always say their stuff is on sale, a lot of times its not. But sometimes it is! If you’re being anything cool, its likely to be ineligible for their constant coupon codes.

2: Make sure its in stock! If its not, you can be in for a wait.

3: The free shipping sucks. Its basically like a group of people are using your products as a relay baton all over the nation. If you don’t need anything RIGHT NOW, fine.

4: The boxes say “Optics Planet” on them, which should make many porch pirates drool. Try to get to your packages right away.
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I started this thread about OP, take from it what you will.



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