Optics repair in Portland/Vancouver area?

Discussion in 'Scopes & Optics' started by shibbershabber, Oct 1, 2015.

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    Ive had this pretty decent Nikon scope lying around for a while and am getting ready to mount it onto my AR build and assuming the mounting works out like I want and the rifle/scope/shooter are a good match, I want to keep it.

    Previous owner blasted a crap camo job on it. Who knew it took a $3 can of krylon to skunk a $300 scope. :confused:

    Anyhow, Ive removed as much as Im comfortable doing with a rag and acetone... Im looking for someone who can possibly disassemble it, clean the remaining paint off and maybe spruce up the glass a little or whatever else they can do in there, then reassemble of course.

    Hopefully without it equalling the cost of a new scope;)

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