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To start off, let me say that this is my first post on this great site.

The Walther P99AS (.40), I feel, is what I really want. I've seen it and held it but never fired it. I've fired the Walther P22 rental in Lebanon and loved it, however, it's not the same as big brother P99.

I guess I'm looking for several questions to be answered about this gun:

1. Have you shot it (P99, AS or not)?
2. Is it a good CCW?
3. Difference between Smith & Wesson version vs. all German made?
4. Is it reliable?
5. Do you honestly like it?

I know I want the AS version over SA/DA and I love the .40 cal round, I just don't really know anyone who owns a Walther even, let alone a P99AS... They seem rare.
Plenty enough of them around, and you seldom find a negative word regarding the P99 -- and especially the P99 with the AS trigger configuration.

I own two of them, both in 9mm, both with the AS trigger: a full-sized model and the P99C, which is my daily carry gun. I don't think you can find a better or more reliable pistol on the market for any price today, but that's just me. I've put thousands of rounds through them and have never had a hiccup of any kind -- ever. The guns are as accurate and as dependable as you would expect of a fine firearm.

Take a look here for some valuable insights on the P99:

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You also might want to visit the Walther Forums's P99 sub-section and run a search on members' satisfaction ratings.

Hope that helps a bit.
I have owned both the Walther and S&W versions, and also the S&W 99, both full size and compact versions of each. I currently have a P99 QA compact .40. I have owned only .40s no 9s. It is a superior weapon in any version. I have not owned one that wasn't super accurate and dependable to boot. Personally I prefer the Quick Action trigger, but only because I also own M&Ps and Glocks. The AS trigger is favored by most and when I carried S&W 3rd gen autos I owned the AS version of the P99, again because they are so similar. Plenty of after market support for holsters and such also.
I think the full size is a bit big for concealed carry and the compact works good for that purpose. I think there is P99 full size .40 for sale in the Classifieds right now and my P99 QA compact .40 is listed there also (i'm back to carrying 1911s).
Good luck!
I owned a P99 with the AS trigger and it was an excellent gun. Mine was in 40 S&W and crazy accurate. A little large for concealed carry, more a duty size. Really an amazing firearm.
I've had a 1st Gen. P99 in .40S&W since 1996 or 1997 (can't remember). It's comparable to the AS version out now. Basically, it's been nothing short of amazing. As Searcher451 mentioned, you'd be hard pressed to find negative reviews of the gun. My only disappointment is the outrageous cost of extra magazines. There does seem to be some hope in this area as Magnum Research is now producing P99s as the Baby Desert Eagle Fast Action Pistol and magazines are only $32.00.

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My only disappointment is the outrageous cost of extra magazines.

Keep in mind that the SW99 magazines fit the P99 perfectly; they were made for each other, after all. CDNN Sports is often running a special on the SW99 mags at terrific prices. It's a good way to go if you don't mind the lack of a Walther banner.
I own a Walther, all German version P99 AS in the 40SW , and it is truly a beautifully accurate and reliable handgun. Additionally, the ergonomics as well as the easy disassembly make it my favorite handgun of the 40SW flavor.

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