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I have no actual experience using them, other than playing with them at an in store display.

What I can tell you is this: I don't care for them, but I've read about tons of people that absolutely love them. From what I've read they aren't as precise, but allow for the shooter to be much quicker on target along with quicker follow up shots.

IIRC, they do have them on display at Sportsmans. I know they used to have them on display at Keith's. Check em out, if they seem like they'd work for you give em a shot :s0155:
Thanks for the reply Skud. I'm strongly looking at getting these on my daily carry pistol.

:s0114: Ok, please tell me what helped form that opinion.


I was wondering if you needed specifics.

They make acquisition of targets during transitions very easy. They almost point themselves.

The front "big dot" really draws the eye and the rear post seems to fall into place without even thinking about it.

Go to the PDX gun show, The "Glock Gunsmith" has some you can mess around with.
If you bring your gun, he will install them on the spot.
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