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A couple other options to add to post #54 above.

1) Ppq q5 match. Must be older version cuz I see it as low as $620.

2) Hk vp9 tac pack. Not as long a barrel as I would like but comes with 5 mags + $50 gift card + $200 gift card. If I use the cards to get magazines and send to friend out of state that equals 5 more free mags. So the bundle woudl be gun, 10 mags, and little bag thing. $617 is the cheapest I've seen this bundle. Could get a p-10 + p09 for the price of some of the more expensive options though. Too many good choices ha ha.

I think I'll try the Walther ppq q5 match. Maybe also add a p-09 cuz so cheap for a good gun. I like the idea of SR version as it adds a bit of barrel length plus ability to add a micro comp or suppressor. M114 is the big potential fly in the ointment.
Outlier- Steyr excellent trigger and a really great fit for my hand*- almost zero aftermarket though, but great guns when you find them under $400. the triangle sights are different but work well. Your hands might not be a handsome as mine, so try before you buy for sure.
I've had 2 Caniks, they've both had excellent triggers, but not the best fit for my hand. Like the very similar Walther PPQ I had, just not shaped for me.
P10- excellent egos- very good trigger but mine does slap me- going to replace it with an HBI trigger at some point.
P07/09 Really like both of these, one has Cajun upgrades, the other much cheaper Mcarbo upgrades- both well worth it. P09 is like a cheap and cheerful USP9, but maybe better.
VP9 is solid, great trigger, very well made, but not as comfortable as the Steyrs or P10.

Best thing is to try if possible, as they all feel different when shooting.
Got the Walther q5 match. Grip was a bit small for my hands but now it feels like it was custom made for my hand. :) Plus love the grip of cat's tongue. Trigger feels good dry firing and has short reset. Have not shot it yet.


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