Opinions on Beretta 96G Vertec .40

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by glockguy, Jul 6, 2010.

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    So a co worker ( praise the lord for broke co-wokers lol), sold me his Beretta 96G Vertec .40. Now Im not a fan of full size guns, but the fact that he sold it to me for $230 with 2 mags 100 rounds or ammo and box, in like GOOD condition.. a few wear marks, but not bad at all) made me buy it... now someone tell me about this gun! lol.. :confused: Its got a rail on it so if all else it would be a good bed side gun with a light/laser combo attached
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    I also have a vertec, (9mm version). I am very happy with mine as it is far more accurate than a 92f that I owned several years ago. The vertec has a stainless barrel that the other 92/96 d's,f's don't.The grip frame is smaller that the regular 92/96 and the trigger is reset further back in the frame for people with shorter fingers. Basically it's a 92/96 made for smaller hands with the addition of an accessory rail. The 92/96 vertec take the same magazines as the regular 92/96's. Also, the front sight is dovetailed so you can install night sights with out any additional machining. For the price you paid, you got a heck of a deal. The addition of a light/laser combo on your 96 would make it a perfect bedside gun.
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    I loved my 96. very controllable fits large and small hands. The ex got mine so i'm looking for another.

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