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    MI -

    "Michigan law permits open carry of firearms on school grounds. The Homer Community School District has a policy of locking down a school and calling the cops any time someone is seen with a weapon, which it does every time the father of one student shows up at school. School officials admit the dad is not confrontational and causes no problems apart from insisting on exercising his legal rights. But County Prosecutor David Gilbert says he will consider charging someone with being a disorderly if their legal carry of a weapon causes a lockdown."

    What is causing the lockdown is stupidity of the administrators, the prosecutor should charge them, and bill them for the police costs.
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    Yep. There is no reason to panic over a holstered handgun.
    Absolutely ridiculous and a waste of resources and tax dollars.
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    I like open carry when I'm out in the hills. Much more comfortable and easy to get to the gun. I used to be pro open carry in town. Then I realized I was making myself a target. So, when around the masses, concealed carry; when out and about, open carry all the way.
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    We have a RIGHT but many seem to frown on exercising that right due to the opposition making a big stink about others exercising their rights.....

    How about we tell the liberals that they cannot speak the word "gun" nor talk about "infringing on others GUN RIGHTS?" That will show em!!!

    I don't open carry in the big cities but in my little town it is not a problem.;)
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    Oh yeah! My lawyer would be licking his chops over these idiots! :D
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    I Don't live in Michigan and I have and use my concealed carry permit.
    So what I have to say may not really matter ... But it is the internet so it it goes:

    I think what bothers me the most are the phrases "not confrontational" and "causes no problems apart from insisting on exercising his legal rights."
    The way those phrases are used in the article , makes them sound like a bad thing.

    If I were the dad in question , I think I would get a concealed carry permit and carry my pistol that way ... Just so I don't cause a fuss like the one in the OP.*

    That said , if you don't insist on exercising your rights ... Then whats the point of having them?
    As with anything , common sense needs to be adopted and used more often.

    *Edit to add , Just re-read the article and saw that it was illegal to carry concealed on the campus.
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    It's just an issue of "mind over matter". The internet doesn't mind, because you don't matter!


    Seriously.... the man is a regular KNOWN QUANTITY with a known legitimate reason to be there!! Using their "procedural logic", they should lock the school down anytime a uniformed (and armed) cop shows up as well... he has a gun, the dictate is to lock the place down... I bet they don't do that.
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    It doesn't sound like the law is written too narrowly and without clear intent of what they hope to accomplish. Secondly, it sounds like the school administrators are guilty of, what we called it in the military, malicious compliance. If there is truly an intent and responsibility to protect children from violence, then there needs to be a decision process involved in order to determine if a situation is occurring. It's not clear of the legislators purposely trapped the schools in the legislation or if the schools are doing this of their own volition. Although it does appear that the school administrators are relishing their role as a victim.
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