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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Kimber Custom, Aug 24, 2011.

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    I just got back from visited WY and chose not to get my UT permit ($200 to CC for 3 days just didn't pencil out) so my options were open carry or don't carry. I chose OC.

    Not a word from anyone. No looks, no comments, no snickers; nothing. It would appear nobody cared (or noticed) but me.

    Dang did I feel self conscious though. You guys (and gals) that open carry on a regular basis, my hat is off to you. I found it very disconcerting.
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    I had a similar experience recently while on vacation in California of all places. Not in the city but Yosemite is crowded like one. I was nervous at first but never noticed any strange looks. I was definitely expecting it to be more of a hassle but was pleasantly supprised.
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    You get used to it. I am totally comfortable with it now, even in the city limits of Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver.
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    I don't OC all the time but form time to time I do. Beaverton police has tripped on me several times. Beaverton Police officer Carino threatened me once by saying that he could revoke my license and when I contacted his Sargent, the Sargent told me that it was news to him.... that Carino never mentioned anything yet I did receive a call from Washington Country concealed handgun department. The county told me I was not in trouble but they just wanted to talk to me and I respectfully declined to go in and talk to a commander. I did a background check on the commander and found out he used to be a FBI agent so that was a major red flag. That was the second time the county had contacted me and both times no luck.
    I have had sheeple shake their head at me and I just smile and keep walking. I have had people ask me if I was a cop, I have had people say DON'T SHOOT ME.... I have educated some people and informed them that they have the right to OC. Last month I open carried and a Beaverton cop drove by and he rubber necked but did not make contact with me.
    Bottom line...... I just think it's better to conceal carry if you have a permit but I am still for the OCing. I used to be really conscious at first but the more I OCed the better it got for me. I don't act like a fool when police make contact but at the same time I don't get on my knees and kiss boots. The less you say the better off you are, and I always let them know about ORS 166.173 section 2C. Depending on the officer's attitude.... I will take names and badge numbers and if they are out of line I will call them in. I have yet to file a complaint but I would not think twice about doing so. When a sheep calls in a MAN WITH A GUN.... I think the police have an obligation to make contact and investigate but when they find out that everything was done legally they, the police..... should take the time and contact the dumb sheep and inform them of the laws and let the sheep know that the individual with a gun was within their legal rights to open carry.

    Oh another thing, officer Carino was trying to tell me I was too close to Beaverton High School.... I was 1 mile away and even if I was on the public school property, I could open carry because I have a Washington County Concealed Handgun License. I always use a retention holster and am aware of what is going on around me. If at anytime I feel something is up or someone is too close I put my arm or hand over my gun just like a peace officer does when he is questioning you. You will always deal with morons and the best thing is to just ignore them and not let them get to you because that would fuel their fire.... I just find another way and walk away.

    In conclusion....... I am all for OCing and IMHO more responsible citizens with guns should OC. Bad guys or criminals don't OC. Also you should understand that a criminal will have one over you since you OC so that is very important. If I was a criminal I would not personally mess with an armed individual unless I knew karate or something lol. I have ran into people getting too close (starting trouble or threatened to hit me) and I have reached for the pistol and had my hand on it and I have ordered them to back off and it works lol.

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