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    Hadn't thought much about open carry until a few years ago when I was at my first Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally over in Baker, Oregon and saw a number of folks carrying that way. Well it's rally time again and the emails are regularly hitting my mail box advertising the event. In the most recent email was an interesting, rather large sidebar which stated:

    In Baker it's OK to openly carry a gun. But it is NOT OK to carry an open container on the street. What does this mean? KEEP your drink in the BAR and your gun in the holster!

    Great advice...His point in the sidebar and further into the mail was that law enforcement had zero tolerance for open containers as well as the standard don't drink and ride message. It was interesting (refreshing?) to note that the organizers of the event are more worried about carrying an open beer on the street than they are about an open gun. OC is a non-event.

    I'm not surprised though by the attitude, the rally is in rural eastern Oregon. Probably wouldn't get the same attitude in the western part of the state.
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    Very cool! I was worried that was heading in the wrong direction as I read it...
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    Well one is illegal and one is not. So of course the promoter is worried about the one that is. Not to mention from the various Motorcycle rallys I have been to the oppertunity for open container greatly out weigh the number of people that might open carry.
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    Just make sure your holster is one that won't allow your carry to spill, when you spill your bike...:)

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