Only Deception Can Make Their Case

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    To the Editor:

    How Gun Control Advocates Work

    A wise person once said: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own “facts”.”
    In the current argument raging over gun control, one side is consistently telling deliberate falsehoods, concocting misleading statistics and generally doing their best to confuse and mislead people. –Hint: it’s not the pro-self-defense side.

    1. “Gun Deaths”
    Anti-self-defense advocates consistently cite “gun deaths,” making the false claim that there is an epidemic of gun-related violence.
    What they don’t tell you when they cite these numbers is that they include every suicide where a gun was used and every case of a criminal shot dead by police or people protecting themselves. The U.S. actually has a vastly lower overall suicide rate than many other industrialized societies which have gun-control that the ant-self-defense crowd can only dream of enacting. Our crime rates are less than HALF of what they were a little over 20 years ago when gun sales have been at record numbers for nearly two decades. Our VIOLENT crime rates are lower than England, with a complete ban on pistols and semi-auto rifles. This is actually the safest time to be an American in my lifetime of near 50 years.

    2. Semi-automatic firearms only “belong on a battlefield”
    If this is true, then why do these same people feel fine half the police officers in the country carry an AR-15 platform rifle in their patrol car? Why is it that the Department of Homeland Security classifies these guns as “Personal Defense Weapons” but the anti-self-defense crowd calls them “assault weapons?” And while we’re talking about battlefields, no army in the world issues semi-automatic rifles as its main weapon. They all issue fully automatic or select-fire weapons. Our troops don’t carry an AR-15. They carry the M4 or M-16 machine gun.

    3. A ban on lawful citizens selling their property unless they go through an expensive bureaucratic background check process will “Keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”

    We have a pretty good idea of where criminals get their guns and gun shows or private sale “loopholes” don’t account for many. Criminals get their guns mainly from an illegal seller (It’s been against the law for near 50 years to sell to a known felon), borrow them from a friend (again, illegal) or have a straw purchaser legally buy the gun from a licensed dealer and illegally give it to the criminal. (A federal crime punishable by 10 years in prison). About 12% personally steal them.

    Here’s the kicker: We almost NEVER prosecute straw sales or people falsifying information on their attempts to purchase guns illegally. It’s less than one successful prosecution for 10,000 reported violations.

    So anti-self-defense advocates want to infringe on a basic right that won’t have any effect on anyone EXCEPT the “good guys.” Why are these people not calling for enforcement of existing law instead of calling for stomping on our rights?

    The only conclusion one can come to is that they’re either all stupid (unlikely) or that they don’t care about solving the problem at all. What they care about is disarming the American public. And they will use every lie, distortion, cooked up “study” or false choice to attain that goal.

    When someone has to use lies, distortions and confusion to argue their case, it means their case has no facts to speak for it. The next time you hear someone calling for stepping on your basic human right of self-defense, ask them why they have to use deception to sell their case.
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    A "straw purchase" is illegal in all respects as it is with our present laws as is giving it to a prohibited person.
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    can I steal that?/
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    I saw the title and wondered if there'd be a big picture of MEGATRON saying "TURN IN YOUR GUNS. TRUST ME, I'D NEVER HURT A HUMAN INSECT. EVER!"
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    I fully support your side of the gun control debate and all, however you seem to think that anti-gun people are strictly interested in being evil and stealing away your freedoms. You seem to think that people who support gun control are just objectively evil, and that everything they do is in the interest of generating more human misery. Is it at all possible that they're just normal people trying create a more ideal place to live? I don't know, maybe they just have different ideas of what works best for a society?

    I think the real disparity in ideologies between pro-gun and anti-gun people comes from people not understanding the issue beyond its face value. Guns are associated with violence and so people condemn them. Being able to associate objects with consequences is a survival mechanism that people use since birth. If a person eats a loaf bread of bread covered in green spots and they get sick, they automatically associate the sickness with the green mold. Its just an instinctive conclusion that they reach. Its not necessarily the best thought-out or most logical idea, but association is usually useful for figuring out simple survival things, like the toxicity of bread mold. Similarly, nowadays people instinctively associate guns with a lot of death and violence. After all, that's usually when they see guns (on TV). That's where the witch hunt starts. Even though people SHOULD get their proof or work out problems logically, people aren't entirely rational beings, so you get witch hunts. The association is all that a group needs to condemn something. The anti-gun crowd associates death with guns, and so they conclude that guns are a bad thing. Similarly, you've come to associate the anti-gun crowd with anti-gun rhetoric, so you conclude that the anti-gun crowd has no interest in the greater good. Be rational, don't be a witch hunter.

    When people read irrationalities like this... "So anti-self-defense advocates want to infringe on a basic right that won’t have any effect on anyone EXCEPT the “good guys.” Why are these people not calling for enforcement of existing law instead of calling for stomping on our rights?" ...everyone who doesn't already agree with your point will immediately stop listening/reading/caring about what you have to say. What good is it trying to persuade someone if you immediately alienate them?
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    More people are killed by cars each year than guns. And in the early 1900's more people were killed by trains than guns. So by the same logic trains and automobiles should be outlawed too. Come on people, get real about life.

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