Washington Ongoing Fundraiser for fight against i-1639

Discussion in 'Firearm Legislation & Activism' started by coltemp, Sep 26, 2018.

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    Wanted to let those over at NWFA that don't know about the Fundraiser going on over on WAGuns.
    There is a PIF raffle raising support for the fight against this crazy initiative.
    Nothing against the great effort already underway over here. But the mods over there said its fine for those here to be aware if they aren't.
    Want to see what is going on, here's the link:

    To the mods here on NWFA hope this doesn't cause problems. I enjoy both forums.
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    this is going to be a state wide fight we all need to band together to fight this , I have donated at WaGUNS and the NRA link to fight this,
    Thanks for posting the link
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