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One very cool little Beretta - Model 1934 .380 acp

This is a Romanian contract Beretta Model 1934. Its in nearly new condition. What surprised me was how nice it handles, how low it sits in the hand, how secure it feels with that magazine finger rest. There is less felt recoil with this than the East German Makarov mostly due to how low it sits in the hand.

The only real negative to using this as a pocket gun is the safety is awkward to manipulate with one hand without practice. But it can be done.. if you practice. I enjoy shooting this so much I bought reloading dies and supplies to load 1,000 rds for it, brass & cast bullets. Didn't get the shellplate for the Dillion yet.



Natty Bumpo

An excellent classic piece in the grand tradition of fine Euro pocket pistols. Amazingly well designed in terms of shootability and handling. Ahead of it's time.

Had one for awhile and, regrettably, sold it.
Yeah, .380 ACP has really climbed out of sight; a few years ago, you coulod buy PMC .380 for $6.99 a box of 50. I think a "good price" is about twice that now. And then, check out the prices on .32 ACP almost $20 a box of 50. Then there is the price on .45 (Long) Colt $37 per 50 !!!! Sheesh, you HAVE to reload....
You MUST reload . . . I think a 100% Federal excise tax on firearms and/or ammunition is around the corner.

Knock on wood.

Seriously, knock on wood.

Buy the Lee Anniversary Kit; it's not the world's greatest press, or scale, but it will get you on your way.

(This public service announcement is over.)


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