Tikka T3 in .30-'06 with a big ol' Scheels glass, and a left-handed Boyd's...

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My choices that I posted in this thread reflect the question in the OP.
There was no mention of opposing the forces of tyranny in the OP.
Hunting was stated as was self protection in the OP.

Granted what self protection means , will be different depending on the person and situation.

In any event....
If I am armed with either of my two choices that I posted here and need to engage and destroy the enemy as we used to say in the Army...

I ain't just gonna roll over and wait to die...Just 'cause all I have is either my .54 Hawken Rifle or Winchester 62A.
Its more a matter of using what I have....
And adapting myself along with my knowledge and skill to the situation at hand.

And with all that said...
Thank you for your kind words and story in your post....:)
I was assuming:

of course if we're talking about radioactive rabid un-dead grizzly bears we are talking a different ballgame.
OK here's my variation on the "Only One Gun" theme. Should be pretty simple but may hear some interesting variations...
Now, supposing you could have only ONE high-powered rifle, MANUALLY operated- NO semi-autos- for everything- hunting mainly but also for protection as needed.
WHAT would it be, in ya'lls experience?
I made that choice many years ago which Ive mostly stuck with over the years, an early '70's BLR .308........ I chose that cuz it is quicker than a bolt and in a caliber that is easy to find, even as mil-surp. I have other rifles but aside from a .30-30 Marlin it has been and is my main hunting rifle. I've got a nicely sporterised Steyr-built K98k Mauser but Ive yet to use it as I don't bear or elk hunt. IF I was stuck in a cabin in very rural Canada my choice MIGHT be a .303 Enfield #4...
What say you all?
PS I do reload a variety of .308 for various purposes. FWIW my own OTD rifle of choice is either an AK or AR15, which is beyond the scope of this thread....
Hello Dan,

The ONE and ONLY semi automatic rifle that I ever owned or even WANTED to buy was a Made in CT MARLIN PAPOOSE (Take down.) with the blue case, stainless steel and black composite stock. So I bought it and enjoyed it circa the late 90's and on. My late husband shot it more than I did. I sold it out here in Montana. It was a tack driver.

(I did own a few sweet Glock 19s, one Smith and Wesson Model 41 and one S&W Model 22A when it came to Semi Automatic Pistols.)

I actually liked/like to SHOOT and still like the LOOKS much, much MORE in OLD FASHIONED, classic styles, classic brands, wood/steel, LEVER action and bolt action rifles more. I discovered bolt action rifles in a couple of PLAIN and simple styles that actually FIT ME way down the road as in years too.

I no longer own or shoot my former BEAUTIFUL, much heavier walnut/steel lever action (CF and RF) rifles in WALNUT/STEEL and walnut/brass. I owned several SWEET - tack driving brands and 2 were bought back east and they came out west with me too.

I do shoot, on and off, my former last 2 firearms - BOLT ACTION rifles that I gave to my husband in the CZ brand with iron sights.

So for what is HERE now and due to my age and physical issues... I would choose the CZ 457 Lux in 22wmr FIRST and the CZ 457 Lux 22lr second.

It used to be 22lr FIRST and so on. It still could be that WAY if need be but there is still something about the 22wmr cartridge that just sits well with ME. I had ONE former sweet lever action rifle in 22wmr too.


(^^^ In 22wmr and in 22lr. My husband has a matching - DUPLICATE rifle in CZ 457 Lux in 22wmr too.)

If the above were not here for some reason (?) and/or if my husband decided to sell (?) those CZ rifles - I would use HIS CZ Scout or the CZ Training rifle - they are in 22lr. Iron sights just like I LIKE rifles in NOW as in the PAST too.

Disclaimer: I do NOT hunt but I have gone on some hunts with my MT husband. I like to fish but not hunt. I prefer to SWIM more than fish too. I enjoy the scenery (Drive and short 'hunting' trips - HIKE in.) but NOT freezing my @@@ off! Grin. Plus if I take my cane JUST IN CASE I need it - it is a pain on some types of terrain! Previously, I did NOT need or own a cane too so there was NO problem hiking in with him. Been there - done that!

I DO consider the above CZ bolt action rifles for self defense use too.

Years ago, I would pick 2 LEVER ACTION rifles - ONE in 22lr and ONE in 30-30 Winchester even if I did not and do NOT hunt.

The 30-30 Win caliber rifle would be for my woods/wilderness protection especially where I lived, hiked and CAMPED alone and, later on, with a couple of friends. BUTT up to wilderness - way UP in the Sapphire Mountains, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, where I traveled to right below British Columbia, Canada, in several other places in MT and a few in the Panhandle of ID. I traveled to WY several times but I did not camp in WY. And I ALWAYS carried a CF handgun on me (ON my body - properly holstered.) too. Always! Plus I traveled with a couple of other guns and knives too. My hands and arthritis were much better too.

I did have other CF lever action rifles in PISTOL CF CALIBERS too. (Plus more in 22lr too.) Same caliber ones that matched my CF and RF handguns. MATCHING CALIBERS! IT was cheaper and EASIER for me when it came to buying factory ammunition in CF calibers. (45Long Colt and 357Magnum/38Special.) I personally NEVER OWNED a 44Magnum rifle but I was gifted those former two S&W Model 29's d/a revolvers that I did not ask for.

But for REAL protection in Grizz country and for camping for half of a year before and after the little log cabin time of mine BUTT up to wilderness on a private ranch AND on public lands... I did get the now former 30-30 Win rifle. NIB - MADE IN CT Marlin 336C - walnut and blue steel. Plus throw in other camping times in 20 years out west. I NEVER OWNED a CF rifle back east.

I used the ADVICE that I got from several people when it came to that 30-30 Win. cartridge. Back east (East Coast and Great Lakes region.) and out here - MT and while visiting/traveling/shooting in CO. All friends, 3 relatives and several hunters gave me advice. Plus what I read and studied back east and out here in books and online.

So again, ONE choice for what is here NOW and my life now @ 72 years old:

CZ 457 Lux in 22wmr = #1.

CZ 457 Lux in 22lr = #2.

But that could change and, if so, it would be a 22lr bolt action rifle.

Take care!

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Winchester model 70 in .308 or a 1903a3. X factor would be a bolt action .223 with some 77gr TMK. I’d go bolt action since it’s easier to service. Not mag fed just to eliminate a point of failure. Common calibers.

My husband told me that he had a sweet BLR 308 a long time ago too. I may have mentioned this to you (?) or to someone else in other threads in the past.

I read him your question and he told me that he would choose a 22lr BOLT action rifle and his OLD, classic, beautiful walnut/blue steel 30-06 bolt action rifle.

I think that he would choose one of his several 22lr rifles FIRST (?).

One of his CZ BOLT ACTION 22lr rifles or his famous Ruger BOLT ACTION 22lr rifle ($$$) since ALL of them are tack drivers. That Ruger one has a scope on it for hunting.

I thought that he would choose his lever action rifle in 30-30 Winchester caliber or his lever action rifle in 45-70 Government caliber but he CHOSE his famous bolt action rifle in 30-06 instead. He only owns 2 MADE IN CT Marlin lever action rifles now.

He does NOT own any semi automatic rifle any longer.

He always LIKED bolt action and lever action rifles much more!

He does own and shoot his Glock and Beretta semi automatic pistols and his Ruger single action revolver. ALL of his other rifles, handguns and shotguns went bye bye.

Old Lady Cate
This. Might change the optic though. It's what I got to go with and I luckily have a decent stash of 45-70. Works on most things on the continent and according to the documentary known as "Jurassic World", dinosaurs too. I suppose I'd just have to throw sticks at small game though.
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