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Seriously, I think I have school that day, in downtown...I may have to stop by. Though I'm not going to post on Facebook, I'll just show up CC and talk to people, you know, like the old school missionaries, try and bring them some faith.
I just check the page and sadly they deleted all the pro gun posts but I had to lol because they posted that they had been clicking delete and ban all day lol good job guys
They deleted every one of their own threads due to too many questions exposing the fallacy of their rationale.
Here's an event page that logistics can be discussed on & invites can be made from if anybody's interested, or if you want to edit your OP to include it; <broken link removed>

I joined, but probably not for long since my first question was if we were open or conceal carrying.

The most dedicated wins...
Here is what I just wrote on their page:

I know you will delete this, but what the heck. My wife, son, and myself own guns, not because we wish to harm anyone, but because we don't wish anyone to harm us.

Is that polite enough?

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