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5.56x45mm NATO
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status update ~
>>>>>>>>> SOLD <<<<<<<<<

Selling one "lot" (NOT BREAKING UP) of 223 / 5.56 ammunition for the price purchased for (the price reflects shipping cost w/insurance).
I wouldn't part with this but I'm short on funds for bills due to "the vid"..
Again I'm not breaking this up but listing prices for "reference" only.

200 rounds of Australian Outback 223 rem.
In sealed factory box and the ammunition is also in sealed packaging.
55gr Sierra Blitzking projectile.
This is extremely accurate ammunition as my sub moa AR is getting 1/2-3/4 moa @ 100 yards (It pains me to part with this)
This was $155 shipped from SGammo (recent purchase).

Next item ~

180 round "range pack" Winchester 62 grain otm 5.56 ammunition. This is a contract overrun and is made by Nammo in Sweden (Winchester contact / packaging). This also is extremely accurate ammo 3/4 moa @ 100 yards.
At my price this portion breaks down to 36.5 cents per round.

As a "bonus" for whomever buys this I'm also adding a 20 round box of HSM 64 grain 5.56 tracers (currently selling for $1-$2 dollars per round) just to make sure I'm offering a good deal here / not price gouging.

Basically your getting premium accurate ammunition vs what steel case Russian 223 is currently selling for (due to current market pricing).

Selling 400 rounds in total as a "lot" / NOT BREAKING UP / no shipping or "holds"...

This well be a face to face transaction at Sportsman Warehouse off of 185th and highway 26 (Tanasbourne area) or close to.

$220 dollars cash for the lot


IMG_20200725_180311987~2.jpg IMG_20200725_180333746~2.jpg IMG_20200725_180345402~2.jpg IMG_20200725_201416304~2.jpg
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