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    So I am a new reloader and have just fired at the range yesterday my very first rifle loads for my .325. Shot 5 shot groups at 3 powder levels. First group 5/8" at 100y, second 2" third 1". The 5/8 group was a minimum charge. Why not just stay with that? I will not be shooting past 200 yards because I have never practiced any farther and do not want to wound an animal. 2848fps 180gr TSX should be enough for an elk at 200.
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    Yep! That load will do the trick. However, a 1" load will do it, too. That would be my pick. But, I'd push it a little harder. It may come back to the 5/8" group you got first.
    If you are gonna limit yourself to a couple hundred yard shot, a 2" @100 group will also put meat on the table. Since your group sizes are reasonable, I'd check out a few more loads.
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    Now that you are loading your own you can adjust the powder level to suit the harmonics of your barrel. Load at .2gr increments just one round each. Minimum charge to as close to max as you are comfortable with. Shoot in order from lightest charge to heaviest aiming at the same spot each time. I was shocked at how the changes effected trajectory when I first ran the ladder test. Of course if you are happy with your results already it's a moot point except for the fun of it.
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