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@JohnH often has brass available and sometimes even package deals with primers. I have bought lots of brass from him and it has always been a good buy.

@alelord has some good deals on some new starline brass right now.
Did you come up to the OAC show yesterday? There's always a lot of brass there. Along with more obscure brass too. Alex is usually there and so is Johnny "misterarman". Johnny will be at the ARPC show this weekend too.
.35 Whelen
30-40 Krag
45-70 Gov.
Yes, you offer some of this, you will have no problem selling it.

On another note I bought 9mm for $13 a box of 50.[ or .26 cents ea]. When I could buy primers for .03 cents ea. I could reload 9mm for .08 cents each.
today I bought primers for .08 cents, and a pound of powder for $45. [ or .025 cents per load]. with a .08 cent bullet, my reloaded 9mm would cost 18.5 cents ea without any labor. There is just not much savings in a 9mm round.
This^^. If I didn't have a bunch of stuff bought years ago, I wouldn't bother with it. Powder, primers, and bullets at today's prices - f'gitaboutit. Cost of a brass case for 9mm is the smallest part. .223 Rem. is just about there.
Why are people saying that .223 brass is scrap when others are asking $100/k for it? Doesn't sound like a soft market to me.
Are those people actually selling it? Like, that big bag of brass goes away, and the seller has cash in hand? I wondered that at the ARPC show. TONS of shiny, shiny brass!
I kind of figure that people have enough brass. I load 9 calibers since I started in 2012 and have collected brass up to my last caliber a year or so ago when I took on .45 colt. I got a great price on 500 new Starline for that. We loaders have brass already. Some of us are "Crazy" with brass. We'll NEVER need brass again! I don't think many people are coming into loading now with the cost and difficulty finding powder and primers? I've got a bag of .308/7.62 for $.25/each in classifieds that no one seems to want?
According to one of the ads in our classifieds, it was sold at that price. Not criticizing the seller. If he can get what he feels it's worth, that's great. Was just more than I was willing to put into it. I'm seeing the same thing on other sites for sorted FC and LC brass.

My interest is turning it into 300 BO brass. I'm seeing combination 300 BO & converted for $64/500. It's worth it to me to buy it in that form so I don't need to torture myself with cutting, forming, trimming, and removing crimps.

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