Anyone have any suggestions? Ive searched this thing out a few times with no luck... Have the whole setup, just looking for a barrel to go with it...

Here's a pic of what I'm trying to match to:
IMG_3717.JPG IMG_3718.JPG
Good to know! How does it hold up? That gun seen any blind time in the rain?

I’ve always been careful not to bang it up even before I put the wrap on it, but yes it holds up very nicely to wet/dry use. Make sure you ABSOLUTELY remove any oils from the piece to be wrapped (I used mineral spirits), then you apply the applique’ using a heat-gun (or hair dryer) to form it into and around every contour. The appliqué material is the same grade of stuff they use on cars, and isn’t insubstantial to abuse to begin with.

The cool thing is that if you get tired of the pattern you can remove it w/o a bunch of residue left on the metal.

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