On choosing to prepare... (written by a friend in Canada)

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    Take a trip back in time 10 years ago. Pretend you have been sent back in time to warn that time of what is coming for them in 10 years.

    Then describe the world as it is today, complete with a description of the debt and housing bubbles, near collapse of the stock market, the European Union collapsing and Greece, Iceland, Spain, Portugal on the edge of bankruptcy, Detroit turning into a 3rd world country, California going bankrupt, US drones killing American citizens abroad, US, European, and Canadian governments spying on their citizens and saying it is for our protection, as are the DNA swabs and the vaccines and tax increases and the attempts to disarm civilians.

    No one would believe you, they would not be able to accept or comprehend it being a possibility.

    It is for that reason I am prepping the way I am. All I know is that 10 years from now, there is a chance that things will be equally more different than most people today could accept it as even being possible. Most people are still staring at the tsunami rolling in, unable to accept what is.

    I am choosing to prepare.
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    Well spoken.
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    I would have told myself to buy some serious amounts of .22lr ammo, I would be a rich man.

    In all seriousness this is a very good point. It is amazing how quickly things change.
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    I would have stay in southern Alaska when I was up there in 2001, and all of this discussion would be irrelevant I would either completely prepared for anything by now or dead by now.

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    Ten years from now I will be in my 60s. My retirement and life savings that I have sacrificed and worked hard all my whole life for, will probably be raided and doled out evenly to help the less fortunate who never got the memo that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. History might show the slackers were the smart ones all along, and guys like me were [to use an old term] saps!
    On the other hand a lot of saps like me who have been paying attention to politics history and world events have an edge over the slackers. If the house of cards that the social justice, globalist anti- capitalist left wingers are building self- destructs, these slackers won’t know what to do. Unforeseen events could quicken the collapse. People might be waiting for government help that never comes. Hunger may cause people to prey on the weakest but soon everything will dry up.
    My meager supplies might keep my family alive long enough to ride it out, but even if it doesn’t it will be worth the effort to be alive long enough to see how it all ends.

    My gut tells me however that ten years from now we will look a little like pre-Thatcher England, miserable National Health System, miserable economy, miserable people. I think I’m going to cash in my retirement savings now and start living it up!
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    News Bulletins In Ten years:

    The recorded events of recent years has again shown that the American people are a resilient people..
    They have suffered an almost complete economic collapse and had looming military overtures from China threatening an occupational force.
    Daily riots and outbreaks of violence and mortal combat with UN forces are the common fare in almost all urban areas.

    Over 100,000 US Troops have sided with the Newly organized Militia.
    The tide has turned in most of the heartland states and several east coast states towards a free and independent Constitutional America.

    These drastic events followed shortly after an attempt to gain control of the entire nations 401K retirement plans by the recently ousted Federal Government.

    George Soros dies by mysterious means. (Ties to asian secret societies are suspected.)
    Germany is now the global economic superpower.
    Iran has risen to the 10th largest global economy.
    Global warming doctrine has been universally rejected and new data supports that Petroleum is not from "fossil fuels" as had been touted but are abiotic in origin.

    Brazil becomes 5th largest oil producer on the planet.

    All nations in South America launch efforts to make the continent a gun free zone under the UN charter.

    States and Governors and Sheriffs associations are just a few of the pioneering patriots who have forced the former corrupt government from power.

    Over 2 dozen former military leaders worked hand in hand with just a few inside Constitutional Military personnel and after a 3 month standoff with NorthCom
    a treaty was reached within the military industrial complex today to move the United States of America back to it's origins.

    Sessions of congress have come up with 2 new amendments to the Constitution that will make provision for Acts of Treason and establish voter fraud protections.
    The new laws have removed the electoral college and established triple sentencing penalties for interfering with the peoples due process and vote.

    New and stricter regulations have been enacted for conflicts of interest and corruption within the Judicial system.

    Congress and Senate are feeling the pressure of the public outcry and are working on limited terms and pay with strict rules to qualify for retirement packages.

    All members of the US Supreme court have been removed for treason and failing their oath of office.

    All in all their have been 15 arrests and so far 10 convictions of high treason from within the previous corrupt Government.

    A new gag order moratorium has also been enacted regarding every major media channel with over 27 million dollars of fines assessed for willful contribution to treasonous acts.

    All in all though America now has a much smaller global footprint and has suffered a purge like no other nation on earth.
    America is still holding together and it looks bright for the birth of the renewed republic.
    The threat of war with China or Russia still seems possible.
    Several divisions of Russian, German and Chinese UN troops were killed or captured in the last 3 months of the United States civil war.

    Thank-You Iceland for reminding the world what we the people can do !!!

    From the annuls of: Stanley Martin Lieber

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    I so hope this would e a headline and the truth ten years from now. I hope enough people wake up and smell the manure and take action. Yet I dont have enough faith in the sheeple as of now, hopefully for my kids sake I am wrong. We will prepare and teach our children and show them what is right and how this country was and should be!!!!!!!
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    Me too ... but that is why I used Stan Lee the hero comic writer as the commentator.

  10. Burt Gummer

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    ... and ten years from now you will probably be clubbing a rat for dinner because it was so important to turn a blind eye toward all the abuses.

    Apathy - great only for the short term.
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    Get into the spirit of things Burt.
    I know what is going on and have likely well before you and have been informed from inside sources for over 3 decades.

    So Apathy has ZERO to do with what I wrote.
    The data says we are screwed wherein rat is a meal as you say.

    However I still hold out a real hope.

    If you want to be hopeless ... then enjoy that frame of futility and be one of the early epic fails.

    It is you who demonstrate a pathetic attitude wherein apathy is forged.
    Hope however ... though tough and noble ... is for the strong and for the determined.

    So Blind eye ... holster it Bud.
    Definitely NOT. At least not for me.

    I am on my 3rd decade of preparedness and have forgotten more than most informed people know on the real goings on.

    PLUS - It was hopeful but a bit tongue in cheek ... "From the annuls of: Stanley Martin Lieber" ... this guy is "Stan Lee" comic book author ... Spiderman ... the Hulk ... etc.
    So get a grip and build up your hope for that "rat and club dinner" since that is where your sights are on ... or like all survivalists say ... if your hope dies ... you are close behind.

    I am very glad you were born now rather than when George Washington crossed the Deleware ...
    he might have just sponged bathed his soldiers bleeding feet and waited to die.

    Toughen Up Bud or Change your Avitar Name to "sourpuss." Even the actor Burt Gummer would have to rebuke you.

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    You forgot the initial greeting. Fix it for you.

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