On Any Given Sunday

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RicInOR, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Not the Al Pacino movie - but Motorcycling movies.

    Just saw Part 2
    On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter


    Felt like a Warren Miller Joint.

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    Looks awesome, next on my list, Thanks for sharing.
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    Ever kid should have a dirt bike. And I also will say, 99% don't ride like the movies and tv shows. So enjoy any riding you can get in! It's my passion. Along with hunting, horses, family.
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    I remember that movie well!

    My motorcycling life started on the seat in front of my dad on one of his home made "Tote Goats". Dad and uncle built them for deer hunting. Then onto the Honda 55, then a 90 and I got the 55. On the weekends we'd load them in the back of the van and head for the mountains to ride all day. The Honda 90 ended up being my transportation in high school after I turned 16. In about 1975 bought my own, a Honda XL 250. That original On Any Sunday WAS me. God I miss those days.

    It's indescribable, humping a 150 pound motorized bicycle over rocks, through streams, dirt, mud, waist high sagebrush. Places where four wheeled vehicles USED to go but haven't in many decades....To end up near tree line on a series of switch-backs cut into a rocky slope, at an old mine tunnel. There was a rusted old boiler, decaying steam hose laying around. At that particular spot you would hike up a bare slope of loose rock to the top and look way down the other side to a couple of small lakes. There was a stick in a pile of rocks with a Mason jar where people that had made it would put a business card or piece of paper with their name. This was within about 10 miles of where I lived in the Salt Lake Valley. Boy I'm glad I lived where I did at that time!

    Sorry about the high jack....
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