OMG you won't believe this!

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    Or will you? Just goes to show why it makes sense to carry 24-7...

    MEDFORD — Medford police say a car salesman was shot while taking a man on a test drive.

    Officers say 32-year-old Robert Joe Johnson, a salesman at Lithia Toyota, was wounded in the abdomen during an alleged carjacking Saturday. Police Chief Randy Schoen says Johnson was giving the man a test drive of a Ford Mustang when they pulled into a parking lot to switch drivers. He says the man drew a pistol and shot Johnson before speeding away.
    Witnesses called police and while some officers aided Johnson, others chased the Mustang which eventually crashed in a field. The Mail Tribune in Medford says a man identified as 49-year-old Clayton Emil Huff, of Eagle Point, was taken into custody.
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    I believe it, but I don't understand what the carjacker thought he was going to accomplish. Attempted murder. Stealing a dealer car in broad daylight (they must have required some ID before the test drive, right?).

    Is this a tweaker or what? Doesn't make any sense, just brutal. 49 yrs old? Sounds like he is missing a screw or two.

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