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    Hey, My father in law lives in The omak area of eastern Wa, and the wife and I head over about 5-6 time a year, He takes us hunting for duck, geese, quail, phesant, chuckers, doves, and grouse... Its all fun!!! he knows a LOT of people and has tons of bird hunting spots.

    Dont get me wrong, I love Bird Hunting, But, I have a Remington 700 in 308 and would like to make good use of it on rock chucks, Does anyone from that area know of a good place to go?

    Her uncle has a farm but the way its set up, you can only use a 20ga because of the backdrop, He gets about 50-60 chucks a year, but all from close range(<25yds)... I want to take them out from the 300-700yd range

    If you know somewhere or want to get together for a hunt, drop me a line... thanks

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