OLDIE.....Benjamins....Need Help.

Discussion in 'Air Rifle & Pistol Discussion' started by Dallas Ken, Sep 12, 2012.

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    I picked up a couple old Benjamins last week a pistol and a rifle. The pistol is marked and shoots...22cal. The rifle is a different story and the only marking on it is "Benjamin Franklin" now I know it is a Benjamin and the Franklin marking was kind of a joke of sorts.
    Anyway as best as I seem to be able to find out it may be a model 600 Automatic or repeater, made in about 1931 or so.
    It is force feed (177 cal.) brass barrel etc. and pumps from the end of the barrel...no lever...seals on pumping rod are missing but all the parts are intact on the rod, screw, washer etc.
    A couple of versions of this were made as best as I can find out, when it was pumped up I guess it retained enough air to shoot several times.
    If anyone has any interest in these two or info please let me know. I'm a Daisy collector so these will be on the block.

    Have a great day Gent's ....Ken
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    My first Air Rifle was a Benjamin just as You described, Pumps from the Muzzel end like a tire pump. I would be interested if You decide to sell the rifle and the price
    was right.

    Good Shooting


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