WTB OR Older S & W Model 41 5.5" Excellent or Better

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by RetiredLEO, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Looking for a 4" Colt Match Target, excellent or better and:

    I miss my S & W Model 41 circa 1970's and would like to start shooting .22 again due to current larger caliber ammo prices going up into the unaffordable sky. If you have one you can part with "start a conversation" and I will respond. I live on the Southern Oregon Coast and don't drive as much or as well as I used to but will meet you 1/2 way for the right gun. Photos would be much appreciated. I would prefer an earlier vintage Model 41 in excellent condition.
    I have a (1.6oz) heavy link, 18k, men's gold neck chain with a gold cast Kestrel claw holding a sapphire available to trade valued at $2861.00.
    Thank you
    Semper Fi
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