Old Fart, New to NW Firearms - Trap Shooting with Obama

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by cybrcnc, Mar 30, 2013.

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    I’ve been watching this forum for a while now. I originally came out of curiosity after noticing a sad lack of in stock selection in the local gun stores, and a whole lot of empty shelves that were once stocked with ammunition. I gave up my FFL several years back, and since I was well stocked up, I never really kept up with the current market. Seems like rampant fear and paranoia is everywhere. I gave up worrying about that which I cannot change years ago, and simply make the best of whatever life throws at us.

    It would be an understatement to say that I’m unimpressed with the current administration, but like I said, the best solution is to make the best of it. I own a full blown CNC manufacturing facility, and one of the tools we use is a small CO2 laser. We use it primarily to engrave anodized parts. A few of my buddies are avid trap shooters, and I recently found a unique way to improve our concentration and focus on the target. When it disappears in a puff of smoke, we just can’t help but grin.

    Originally, I wasn’t sure of the law, so we made up limited edition collectors plates, suitable for hanging… on the wall of course. After a bit of research, we found that the 1st amendment is still in place, so shooting the plates is allowed. Cool stuff Eh!

    Oh ya, my buddy on this forum shamed me into posting a picture. Claimed an old fart couldn’t figure it out…

    Obama-Collectors Plates 003.jpg

    Shoot em, or hang em... decisions, decisions...

    Obama-Collectors Plates 003.jpg
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    Welcome to the forums. Seems like youll fit in just fine. Love the plates.
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    Welcome OldFart. You've been calling me Grampa for about 3 years now, and you've got a few decades until I get to call you that.

    This old fart is among the smartest and most thoughtful of my friends. I'd have his back in any fight.

    I tend to suffer fools... As a general rule, Cybercnc does not suffer fools lightly. Nor too gently.

    Welcome my friend, and to fellow members of NWFA- here is an honest and direct man.
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    Welcome and darn you, it looks like I might get interested in starting to shoot trap because of your targets.:thumbup:

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