Looking for a bargain 22LR rifle, working or fixable for our older widowed neighbor. Coyotes are eating her chickens! We live way out in sparsely populated area and she has roughly 2 dozen (at last count) laying hens that are free range during the day. Coyotes have mostly been waiting at a specific gate early in morning for hens to venture outside the fence. They nab one or two and are gone in seconds! If this keeps up her hard earned egg money is going to vanish! Having said all that, I am trying to get her something going that she can feed with 22 shorts for fairly quiet sniping. I'm retired myself and without a lot of revenue but wife and I have been trying to help her survive so any low-priced, trades, or free offers of parts or just junk kick-about 22 rifles will be entertained!
Thanks for reading this, Will in east Gresham.

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