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Ohio ‘die-in’ protestors show ignorance of law and more

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by deen_ad, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Ohio ?die-in? protestors show ignorance of law and more - National gun rights | Examiner.com

  2. Misterbill

    Misterbill Yakima County, Washington New Member

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    Why wouldn't they protest?

    After all, the President of the United States, a noted authority on the law, someone who was president of the Harvard Law Review (which is a no-sh*t position) along with the attorney general of the United States, a highly experienced lawyer whose own department investigated the Zimmerman case, claim that "Stand your ground" had something to do with it.

    Now there's two possible conclusions:

    A) The president and attorney general are not only ignorant of everything to do with self-defense law and stand your ground in particular AND didn't read the reports they commissioned... or

    B) They are lying their butts off and KNOW they are lying their butts off because they know the ignorant won't bother to check and they want to score a political point.

    Take your pick. They are either the most fantastically incompetent lawyers ever to teach law, graduate from top-flight universities etc or they are criminal in their deliberate lies and misrepresentations to the American people. Either one shows them in a despicable light.

    These are not stupid people. Nor are they incompetent. Barack Obama, whatever you think of his ABILITY as a leader, is a VERY smart guy. So is Holder. No, I don't think this is a woops. Anymore than I think Fast and Furious was an "oversight." I didn't start off thinking Obama was evil. He's had to work to prove that case and prove it he has, in spades.
  3. ZigZagZeke

    ZigZagZeke Eugene Silver Supporter Silver Supporter 2015 Volunteer

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    I am 100% with you. I started in the same place you did, and I'm now in the same place you are regarding the president and his administration.
  4. BoonDocks36

    BoonDocks36 Oregon, in the boondocks Christian. Conservative. Male.

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    I did not like zero, from the moment I first heard him lie... I also did not like him from the first time I heard him speak, but I repeat myself.

    I knew that he had been groomed ~To Move~ From the very first time he was on National Media coverage...

    A lot of money, Scientific Training, and Political SSS went into his Meteoric Rise in dotGOV, try and look back and see it, much has Already been re-historied, if that is Not a Word, it should be.

    Even Hillary, "falling" on her sword was planned, she could have swept the DemonMarxist Party, why didn't She, look at what took place in Texas Primaries for her... And yet, he won???

    Yeah, this could be an Off Topic Post, but....

    Thinks not.
  5. cookie

    cookie THE SOCIALIST STATE OF KALI - FORNIA Well-Known Member

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    The first time I looked at his eyes I knew he was a P.O.S. person. SO will it be Obama for pres 2016? That is the question. Or will the TV watching populace pick Hillary. Will Texas turn blue? IS Putin owned by the same people who own Obama? Hope and Change,yep!
  6. BoonDocks36

    BoonDocks36 Oregon, in the boondocks Christian. Conservative. Male.

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    Keep your Hope, and leave me My "Change", if I dave enough of it up, I can buy a flavored coffee at Dairy Mart, a small, but delightful experiance for an old man.

    The young lady cashier flirts with me, but only after I told her I was so old, that I rode a T-Rex to school, she thought that to be funny, but the difficult part, was feeding him during Lunch Time.

    Now, about the new topic of this post, zero... I have no Tolerance for him. Get it????

    Zero Tolerance.

    My jokes improve after my morning coffee... The Officer of the Day, last night, made me pull Guard Mount on bunker 3alpha.... Nobody liked 3alpha, it was a miserable bunker, so, I slept in this morning....

    What was the topic?

    John has a Mustache, I repeat, John has a Mustache, and now, the BBC will play God save the King, for Zero Tolerance.

    philip, out to get coffee in his Brain. :D
  7. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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