Oh yeah- it was the video games that made you an evil mass murderer...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bikejunkie, Apr 20, 2012.

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    This just in: Crazy people do crazy sh!t. Oddly enough, arbitrary violence against complete strangers predates video game consoles. I grew up watching Warner Brothers cartoons, and strangely enough, have yet to drop an anvil on anyone...I mean senseless violence predates video games, rock and roll, and even firearms. People need to shake themselves

    Norway mass-shooting trial reopens debate on violent video games - CNN.com
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    Actually the one of the kids from Columbine? or the next one,said,and he stated it didn't make it right,that the video games made it so when he was shooting people,it didn't seem real.Just more figures on the screen

    We,us old enough to know your anvil analogy,had other things going on.We went outside and played. Some kids now,don't do that.Their life is in that little room ,gaming.
    Maybe their minds are capable of zoning out and seeing the world as a screen where nothing is real.

    Not saying it should be used as a viable defense,just it may work for these kids who lock themselves in a room and play war all day.
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    There's no way video games should stick as a defense. Two key words there. Video. And game. If you can't tell the difference. You should be wearing one of thOse white jackets with your arms behind you
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    I agree. The video games and insanity defense is a cop out. That homicidal rage is in the person to start with and they always claim some kind of crutch brought it out of them. I've been playing video games since i was 7 years old (almost 22 years now) and i am probably one of the most passive people you'll ever meet.
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    mjbskwim-Harris & Kleibold put bullets in their brains after Columbine, so the statement definitely can't be attributed to them. I completely understand your point and don't even necessarily disagree with you, but unfortunately in some situations the kids only social interaction is at school. Even in cases where children are allowed to completely focus on video games(it keeps them out of Mom's hair), that 6 or 7 hours at school is the only thing keeping the kid human. I am 33 and am at that perfect "middle" ground. When I was a kid, people actually still had B&W TV's and rotary phones. I had to go to the library to reference something, rather than pick up my smart phone. I never once in my childhood told anyone to "Google it". Cell phones where ridiculously expensive and looked like you were holding a .30 cal. ammo box to your head. Things are so different now. AND I'M ONLY 33!!! Keep your kids active. In this day and age, if technology doesn't ruin you physically, it does it mentally. Like anything, moderation is a good thing. Kip.
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